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I.C.Q:727576021 -Western Union Money Transfer Services 2018

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:07 pm    Post subject: I.C.Q:727576021 -Western Union Money Transfer Services 2018 Reply with quote

_________Hello Everyone_________

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> WU Transfer 10000$ = 800$

> and more ... more ....

- Give me your WU info and payment me fee.

- Then i running software and done transfer for you.

- After about 20 mins you'll have MTCN and sender name + country sender to cash money.

- You make payment then send me payment info and your WU details (First name + Last name + Country + City)

- If I check you have sent money I will make transfers for you immediately

- After transfers completed, about 20 mins you will get code MTCN + Sender's details to pick up, it is very easy cash money

- You can to pick up at all Western office in 96 hours

- I hope all must to read clearly before contact me ...OK !!!

- Please don't ask me about transfer with small amount .

**All info about transfer let's contact through


_WIncor with keypad 700usd
_ATM Skimmer Wincor Nixdorf : 1200$
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_ATM Skimmer Diebold Opteva : 1000$
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_ATM Skimmer Universal : 1500$
_ATM Skimmer Small : 1200$
_Chip POS ingenico&amigo : 700$

===> Price for Dumps:
** Usa :101
- Visa Classic, MasterCard Standart =45$
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- American Express = $50 (Without SID)
- Discover = $50

** Canada: 101 201
- Visa Classic, MasterCard Standart = 45$
- Visa Gold|Platinum|Business, MasterCard Gold|Platinum = 50$

** EU, UK: 101 201
- Classic|Standart = 60$
- Gold|Platinum = 70$
- Business|Signature|Purchase|Corporate|World = 100$

** ASIA/AUSTRALIA/Exotic: 101 201 121
- MasterCard| Visa Classic = $50
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** Other countries: 101 201
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===> Price for Dumps and Track 1 & 2(With/without Pin):

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Pin code: 2269

- Dumps with Pin


------------- BANK LOGIN & ACCOUNT PAYPAL GOOD AND SAFE --------------

(HSBC, Barclays, Welsfargo, BOA, Chase, Credit union, Halifax,.. and many Bank other)
Bank Login : Username + Password Number
Bank transfer: Holder Name Use Bank + Number Account Bank + Bank Name + Address Full.
Have all details for login and i can transfer balance to your account if you want.
- Account balance:
**US: (Bank of America,Chase,Wells Fargo...)
200$ = Balance 3000$
300$ = Balance 6000$
500$ = Balance 9000$
800$ = Balance 15000$
**UK: (LLOYDS TSB,BARCLAYS,Standard Chartered,HSBC...)
200$= Balance 5000 GBP
500$= Balance 10000 GBP
700$= Balance 16000 GBP
1000$=Balance 20000 GBP
(Other fees transfer depend on amount you want)


+ Sell Visa Debit US : 120$
+ Paypal with pass email = 60$/paypal
+ Paypal don't have pass email = 50$/Paypal
+ Paypal Veritified with balance and price (Email address + password) full infomation:
100$ = 1 Account PP 2000$
200$ = 1 Account PP 4500$
300$ = 1 Account PP 8500$
500$ = 1 Account PP 13000$

---------Price of ATM Card ($/£/€):----------

ATM card 2000$ = 100$
ATM card 5000$ = 200$

ATM card 2000€ = 150$
ATM card 5000€ = 250$

ATM card 2000£ = 150$
ATM card 5000£ = 300$

*********** Note ***********
- Do not ask me why the high price here, because it goes hand in hand with the quality
- You can buy cheap from other hackers, of course the quality of it will never be good, sometimes it a scammer
- That's what you need to know to do business, but the choice is your own
- We will never force a client in this business.

Contact me now

ICQ: 727576021 ( Always online 24/4 )

GMAIL: Pigtransfer9394@gmail.com

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Telegram: +841263599657 ( Transfer Money )

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=> MY Customer:
- Customer want test please buy for test and if the cvv is good customer can buy more from me, pls don''t ask free test and sample or screenshot with me.
- Customer buy over 15, I will discount for you.
- I have a replacement policy for bad . All my are inspected before sale.
- will be sent to you after receiving payment. Orders will be sent via e-mail or where you want and warranty for you 24h after you buy.
- Payment methods PM(Perfect Money), WU(Western Union), BTC(Bitcoin)- minimum orders by western union and moneygram is 50$.
Thank you for read !

[X] I am a legit seller ccv-cvv for long business .
[X] if ccv-cvv dead or invalid . i will change for you.

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----ICQ: 650694695
------- Yahoo : transfer_nhumuacvv
---------- Mail : transfer_nhumuacvv@yahoo.com
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